How works the affiliate ?

The affiliate is a system of exchange between an affileur ( announcer ) and a affiliated ( diffuser ) who agrees to post on his site the sales offers of the affileur against
a remuneration. A system « winning - winning » the affiliated earns money with his web site and the affileur increases its sales thanks to this publicity.

The links

The links towards the affileur appear in the form of visual elements ( banners, buttons, skyscrapers, forms of search for products, ...)
or of links text ( contextual links or name of the mark ) towards the site to affileur.

The remuneration

The remuneration is variable, it is :

  • in the display : display of the headband or pop-up.
  • in the click : the Internet user clicks the link towards the affileur.
  • in the double-click : the Internet user clicks the link and clicks second time the site of the affileur.
  • in the sale : the Internet user makes a payment on the site of the affileur.
  • in the form : the Internet user completes a form ( questionnaire, registration, ...) on the site to affileur.

The affiliate remains a successful marketing tool because without risk.
Some platforms of affiliate announce until 70 %, but committees are more frequently around 1 to 20 %.

Be affileur

Be affileur allows to make known its product or service without preliminary investment and thus without risk because you pay the affiliated only if the Internet user
visits your site or if his visit ends in a sale ( according to the type of remuneration ).

And if the affiliate does not bring you the customers for whom you waited, you will finally have little spent with regard to the traditional publicity.

Be affiliated

For the affiliated, so called editor, it is a good means to make profitable a web site or a blog. Some people made their job, but it is possible to make of
the affiliate in moderation at least to make profitable the online publishing and the update of your professional site.

Watch out, it is easier to be to affileur than affiliated, because the offer is simply lower than the request for the affiliates.

To note : the more your site is referenced well, the more you will have of proposals of affiliate, the affileurs are in search of the very visible sites to deposit their links
advertiser and make their products known or services. And more you will have of proposals of affiliate, more you can impose your percentages of committee.

The stages of the affiliate for the affiliated

  • Registration has the platform of membership free for the affiliated.
  • Choice of the program of an affileur and registration has this program.
  • The affileur accepts, according to the quality of your site and the others offer than it receives.
  • Once the concluded agreement, the reception of the advertising elements to be broadcasted.
  • Integration of the advertising element in a visible place of your site.
  • Remuneration ( tools allow to measure the results of the campaign and to define the amount of the remuneration ).

The stages of the affiliate for the affileur

  • Registration has the platform of membership paying for the affileur.
  • Creation of your campaign ( Tools at arrangement on platforms, banner, button, ...).
  • Choice of the remuneration.
  • Choice of the affiliated diffusers.
  • Updated by your affiliate ( new headband, promotion, ...).

Choose the good affiliate

The affiliates charm and games are the ones who relate most, but best for your site is to choose affiliates in connection with the theme of your site, it is what we
call the contextual publicity.

For example : your site presents your activity of mason craftsman, the affiliated links can be real estate agencies, or of suppliers of materials for the building.

It gives an added value to your site, a further information, the program of membership is then any more a simple advertising link.